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    Slurry Management

    Slurry Management

    “When your company is looking for solutions, you want a partner with a strong track record who can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.”

    At United Resource, we specialize in all-inclusive slurry management which often includes the preparation of a slurry management plan, sampling and testing, monitoring and management, neutralization, land applications, dewatering and recycling.

    The composition of the slurry varies depending on the type of project. For projects that generate concrete slurry, we obtain approval from the engineer to use the slurry as a liming product and land apply the slurry at a uniform rate within the right-of-way, or at an area close to the project, without ponding, pooling or runoff problems. In the event that a “land application” is not applicable, the slurry will be dewatered to reduce, reuse and recycle portions of the slurry. Thus, valuable raw materials will be kept, and there will be no need for expensive, large volume dumping.

    United Resource provides the following slurry management applications:

    • Cold Milling
    • Diamond Grinding
    • Drilling
    • Grooving
    • Hydro Demolition
    • Saw Cutting Contact

    United Resource today! Your trusted resource for slurry management!

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    United Resource is committed to protecting and improving America's water, infrastructure and environment. We provide environmental services and waste management to the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast Regions.


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